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松田雅美|凝结多糖"Yes!" Qui-head smell speech, A glimmer of determination flashed through his eyes, The name Temuzhen has become a growing deterrent on the prairie, I now urgently need a victory to cheer up his reputation, lyu3 bu4 has been very detailed strategy, he now as long as according to lyu3 bu4 said to do, even if not as much as lyu3 bu4, but can frustrate the new spirit of Daxi, also enough to cheer up his reputation, nodded in agreement.Cao Cao's face changed, and when he saw Xu Youliao's expression, he shook his head and smiled bitterly, knowing that his old friend had a good disposition. "If I had used your tricks at the beginning, the day of his defeat would not have been long!" He said with a wry smile."So it 's Tzu-yuan! Come on, please! No, I' ll get it myself!" Cao cao suddenly got up, surprised expression on his face, ran directly toward the camp, even without shoes.

As for Ule's loyalty?Chapter fourteen tiger powerNo matter how good Kirby could have been to them, Kirby was dead after all, and the living would have to live on. In the situation has been irreversible, in addition to a small number of red-eyed people crazy to kill the army around launched a deadly charge, most people calm down, chose to surrender.松田雅美|"Monsieur is too ambitious!" D, pound got up at the same time, to lyu3 bu4 hand way: "master, please divide me a team, don't break zhang he, will be at the end of the head to see."

松田雅美|"The law of the army has always been the most important thing in our army. Since you have made a military order beforehand, you should be punished. Somebody, strike twenty with your staff!" Lyu3 bu4 sitting on top of the handsome, cold track."Just returned from jizhou war, lombardi lost the first battle, even fold yan liang, clown two general, originally a good situation, was frustrated by cao cao." Giffin sat down and looked at the two men laughed. "But this is not necessarily a bad thing for our army. Even if Cao Cao wins Yuan Shao, as long as Yuan Shao is alive, Cao Cao will never cross the Yellow River. On the contrary, if Yuan Shao wins, our army will be in danger."Corruption, I'm afraid this is a problem that has been difficult to put an end to in all dynasties, including the decree of Lyu3 bu4, But undeniably, Lyu3 bu4 this time to promote high salaries, no doubt, is to open up a new road, with a high salary to enhance the sense of belonging to the subordinates, at the same time, the criminal law to restrain the corruption of officials, and there is a special responsibility for lyu3 bu4, no one restricts the Department of Justice to supervise, can indeed to a great extent, curb corruption.

Xianbei court, when wule with nearly twenty thousand troops, mighty arrived at the king's court, kui head almost can't believe his eyes."He who descends does not kill! He who descends does not kill!"As xianbei king's court, a long time ago, once did the huns king's court, the terrain is very dangerous, easy to keep difficult to attack.松田雅美|




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