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古今船都网生铁屑压块机Now zhang liao's purpose was clear: after besieging ye city, he would deliberately invite him to attack it, and then, with the help of his strange camps and powerful crossbows, consume cao's effective forces in jizhou.Both sides are holding back strength, who do not want to light war, but also know that this battle is inevitable, now only one fuse, when this fuse lit, is the central plains war again."Peace? Lyu3 bu4 sneer 1, as fierce hero, can you care about this?

"More than this one? Cao cao shook his head and said, "since the jizhou war, lu bu has been touching the root of his family time and time again.That year in xuzhou, puyang, as two generals under the command of lv bu and cao cao, two people can not less hand, now meet again, this time, zhang liao is to give xia houyuan a surprise.Xiangyang city, hundreds of CAI fu pro wei will kuai home wai of the flood impossibility, CAI fu housekeeper came out, frowning at CAI MAO: "commander this is what?"古今船都网"Don't argue with them." Zheng Xiaotong stood up and gave to the WeiZheng and others a hand way: "WeiXiong, I recently is really busy, no time to entertain such as, the chang 'an college, is to read the holy land, is not to show off the family, will not be convenient to receive all the honored guest, chang 'an in the inn, as long as you are willing to pay to noble, they will meet any of you demand, if haven't got enough money on WeiXiong, also can go to temple, where special guest reception, and it's free with rice, I think WeiXiong will love it."

古今船都网"Why should ma 'am worry? Zheng er is a man now. It is not a bad thing to touch some things now." Lyu3 bu4 smile comfort way.Yu ji frowned. "if I'm not healthy, what will I do?"Five cao will look at each other, the four around the hiss let their faces burning, but at the moment, there is no other way, immediately urged the horse, qi qi rushed to zhaoyun.

"Boom -""General, didn't the Lord command me to fight without a hand?" Ma tie puzzled look at zhang liao.古今船都网





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