立川明日香 种子

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立川明日香 种子鹿血风湿灵Oooh oooh ooohPang tong understood why wen bing, a famous general of jingxiang, had suffered a great loss in the hands of these women, and even became a prisoner himself."Rumble ~"

"You are pregnant, don't worry about these things, I have asked zhou cang to bring someone to bring her back, I believe that in a short time, zhou cang will bring someone back. Looking at the sable cicada worried eyes, lv bu said with a smile: "around nothing, today to accompany the wife to relax, all day stuffy at home, the body and children are not good."Addis flee, let lyu3 bu4 some guilt, not to Addis, but his family, from west cool back more than two months have passed, but a handful lyu3 bu4 time stay at home, not with five hundred soldiers in the training, all day long is inside the artisan camp with a bunch of craftsmen to discuss how to improve BingJia, otherwise is with giffin, Chen gong and others to discuss the future development direction, seems as the territory is more and more big, gradually neglected his own family."People must be saved." Lyu3 bu4 flatly, hetao also to send troops, but now is with cao cao, lombardi scramble, as long as oneself win hetao, by that time no matter who wins who negative, oneself are available from hetao invasion, annexation bing, then their deep and remote in two states, on the strategic position, even if the system and the final hetao not city in the future, lyu3 bu4 also have to this piece of territory.立川明日香 种子Lu lingqi glanced at him lightly and said, "this is the difference between those of us who are warriors and those of you who think themselves noble and noble. Even if we die, he is a hero. If there is a glimmer of hope, we must be saved."

立川明日香 种子"Absolutely not." Samba wry smile way: "the bird is very illusive, if placed, etc. We assure you grow up, will certainly come back revenge, grow in the jade, but the best hunter in the sky, it will not recklessly with you, but always follow you, waiting for you to relax vigilance, down attacks, SIMS don't have the ability to deal with, if can develop, is loyal to his master, and if the owner is killed by the enemy, the jade foot will give priority to people after revenge, and then committed suicide.""First row, go!Feeling the smooth feathers of the young eagle, lv bu looked at samba with satisfaction and said, "you did a good job. I will stay in the riding camp of hussars and be responsible for training the eagle. I am no longer a slave."

"This...... "Ha mu er smell a face of shame, language, plus at the beginning ha mu er did not see the tube hai in the eye, natural also did not announce the name."What about these moon people?" Han DE hastened to catch up with lu bu asked.立川明日香 种子




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