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陈意涵水中倒立|二手恒温恒湿试验箱Crunch ~"Oh?" Seibel thick eyebrow a porch, stretched out his hand to take the bamboo paper open, glance at the bamboo paper in a hurry to browse again, mouth can not help but smile.

"Here!" Han De smell speech, hurriedly rode away, soon, a moon people general led down to lyu3 bu4 in han De.Chapter twenty-eight give marriage"Go!"陈意涵水中倒立|Zhong yao smell speech, Can not help but smile shook his head and said: "Lyu3 bu4 into the world, Xuzhou defeat, five hundred fighters, but lien chan, all the way governors were beaten, the embroidery even the foundation was taken by lyu3 bu4, how fierce, his soldiers, not only ride well, also know how to deal with cavalry, I have heard de rong (both table word) said, the general unexpectedly to cavalry against each other according to horse array, even if can win, I'm afraid it is miserable to win! "

陈意涵水中倒立|"Sir tone is not small, Korea hence now only outside the city, then gathered twenty thousand people, in addition, there are fifty thousand burn when, but I don't know, how to help me?" D sneer at a way.Far away, across Mei county there are five or six miles away, lyu3 bu4 suddenly raised his hand, two thousand cavalry suddenly stopped behind him, the action is uniform, as if after countless rehearsals, a smell of xiao kill enveloped around, many have fallen asleep birds were awakened by the spirit of xiao kill, panic flew around."Husband, what is this? It smells delicious." The sable cicada curiously looked at lyu3 bu4 hands crystal clear, like glass beads, a pervasive smell escaped, two Qiao smell speech, also can't help but be attracted by lyu3 bu4 hand objects.

"Son of a bitch, return the latter! Chop!" A touch of cold light swept across the neck of the knife shield hand, fighting big head flew up, a general school-like warrior a knife will be the fear of war withdrawing knife shield hand slay, deep eyes looked in the direction of ChengTou, raised his sword roared: "Kill ~"If the difference in strength, it is not an ally, but a dependency relationship, Korea hence obviously don't like to live under people for a long time, and marten side strength, there is no reason to yield to Korea hence.陈意涵水中倒立|




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