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4月9日大汉针灸笔A silver gun, ten thousand points of cold light, the place, jiangdong soldiers no match the enemy.Looking at the crowd, pang tong shook his head and said, "zhang ren has been captured by all of you. I think you have decided to rebel against liu zhang.This is an unwritten rule. During the truce, as long as you don't break the rules to attack the city rashly, if you just collect the dead bodies, you won't organize them. After all, if the dead bodies pile up, they will easily form a plague.

"Plank road? Wei Yanwen word mouth convulsed, so-called plank road, the road is not, is no channels in some dangerous place, chiseling rock, will board in horizontal spread out the road, not only difficult to walk, and always very easy to fall down from above the plank road, don't force, not grew up in the shu people, I'm afraid I can't get past."There is no pardon in the camp of the night owl. If you have sinned, go back and take the punishment of thorns!" The nighthawk looked at her coldly, indifferent way.At that moment, separate almost blurts out the letter did not say so, fortunately, he also quick, only from exposure, but also that a start, separate know that he had been targeted by zhuge liang, and he doesn't know where he is to expose, but these have not important, he is not sure whether liu bei knows anything about it, but he knew, xiangyang is can't go back, this matter, already known to the nightingale to his secret by jingzhou to luoyang, as for the answers to lu bu, sums up only three words... Jiangdong.4月9日"Huh?" Wei yan looks along the direction that the other party points out, see the end of the road in the distance however, discover a few figure stealthily look toward this side, wei yan hurriedly takes out li li mirror, look toward that side, see dress, it is jing zhou army.

4月9日Lu zheng, lu bu's son, was ignored by zhuge liang as a 10-year-old boy. He even thought it ridiculous that lu bu should put lu zheng on the battlefield at such a young age."This person and I are not one mind, stay useless, even later will be bad." Dharma zheng shook his head, indifferent."That is the order of the Lord, should we dare not obey." Pang tong heard a tone of relief, now he wants to follow zhuge liang, the most afraid is someone from the side of the finger, although lv zheng was raised by lv bu elite way to cultivate, but now but ten years old, and the identity is special, if let him to master, inevitably constrained.

"General! Several generals hurried forward to help him, but was pushed aside, in the eyes of the crowd, liu's countenance heavy straight forward"The general is at ease." "Said the general gravely.From then on, liu xie in his own hands of the malpractice but bigger than the benefits he brought, even not off, if you can, cao cao really want to throw this trouble to lu bu, let lu bu himself to toss about, but obviously, if he really do so, is equal to let lu bu even big justice occupied.4月9日




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