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晶茜吧|雅美健软磁力矫正牙套"No." Jia xu seriously looked at lv bu: "our biggest weakness is not the family, but the Lord himself.""Quick, inform the ferries to assemble this way! Light up!" Even if there is no water war, guo yuan can see that the ship is formidable, to a large extent has reduced the adverse factors of water war to the maximum.Two years, but two years time, lyu3 bu4 has became a hero, a strong, able to cao cao, lombardi the northern army cooperatedwith, and liu bei, still have to sponsor, to find a foothold and torn, to say the in the mind noodles no imbalance, that is cheating, is now the world trend as liu bei said before, the Ann is the south, lyu3 bu4 can never defeat, losing at least not too bad, if not the lyu3 bu4, according to liu bei understanding of Carthage, I'm afraid is not the cao cao, once formed unified north, the south of the disaster.

"The return of true quick, your etc. First block, I later come!" Liu biao shook his head and motioned to qin wei to step down. He took the two men to a well in the garden and said to huang zhong, "the secret road lies in this dry well.晶茜吧|"Fire!" Two people is almost at the same time given the order to release the arrow, JianCu intersection, in the air crash, then staggered and fell in different directions, d with the cavalry is almost on the formation of primm blunt past, did not directly impact matrix, the sparse arrows rain took several life again, riding and shooting injection JianCu, however, is almost entirely by jun continues, even if has a shield hand keep out, still there are dozens of jun soldiers in a pool of blood.

晶茜吧|"Acquaintance? Xu sheng slightly frown, the scouts but from the original lv bu in runan time with his side, now responsible for scouts detection, he said the acquaintance, but......But see lyu3 bu4 on horseback mad rush to hand the day painting ji agitation, surprises to the arrows were flying, painting ji or partial party day, don't hurt lyu3 bu4 and half red hare, lyu3 bu4 near the back of the sergeants sight, pulling a spear stick out from the shield of aperture, long red hare suddenly HSS, kicking, after taking off, avoid the spear thorn saving, lyu3 bu4 people in the air, ghosts and gods in the hands of a party days ji from top to bottom, the squeal of the lake, across a below will be seven or eight soldiers killed.With a sigh, liu bei pushed the door open and went out, only to see a huge figure standing in the courtyard under the bright and extinguished flame, with a sense of loneliness.

Generals order from the secretariat of FuFa bottom go to, the entire bing secretariat office began to work, fifty thousand slaves in the name of the city to the taihang mountains, at the same time a large number of goods also call in taihang mountain, called fortification, but in fact is in preparation for the spent attack jizhou, fifty thousand slave soldiers, this is the main lyu3 bu4 spent this time ready to attack jizhou, is not is a slave, but cioffi hand-picked from zhang ye four hundred thousand xianbei, the huns largest-selling, according to the method of lu bu, inspire their morale, they are fighting for freedom, stimulated by the fighting capacity, not necessarily worse than lyu3 bu4 under each big elite troops.To d's skill, if meet with store in luoyang military forces, the liu table and the coss of military forces will be little advantage to speak of, even if liu table through branches, direct luoyang, each other just like now lyu3 bu4, let d bring cavalry station troops in luoyang, liu table of military forces to luoyang is.'go away! Lv bu will square day draw halberd a slanting, block off more xi of trident, backhand a slanting cut, more xi repel, red rabbit horse but keep, continue to chase cao cao.晶茜吧|




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