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跨下新婚美妇|老苗汤有效果吗"My master has been in the bank of white water, just to show sincerity, let the next to send thanks." Giffin smiled."Little general, lyu3 bu4 army has been in huaili, maoling, martial arts area under the line of defense, our path is blocked." Pound Pegasus came to d, bow down.It's no good winning, The defeat was worse, Not only are the troops defeated, Also provoke lyu3 bu4 such a big enemy, But don't play, the court there is not good to explain, with his family know their own affairs, don't look at him in the west cool side of the wind and water, but he has missed the best period of competing in the central plains, now don't join any side forces, also just for sale, whether it is cao cao or lombardi, before the two sides have not divided the victory or defeat, his side is not willing to offend.

"Master, I didn't expect lyu3 bu4 will react so quickly, so, want to gather d, and much more difficult." Hanyang, ji county, into GongYing liang xing sent intelligence to Korea hence way.Two thousand huns were blankly back to their camp, haven't wait for them to figure out what these han people really want to do, camp suddenly lit up around the fire, quickly spread to the center."All right." Hesitant for a long time, d finally nodded and sighed: "you tell seibel, if lyu3 bu4 can help me revenge, d would like to rate the west cool people to join, take him as the lord of the west cool."跨下新婚美妇|"Yes!" Look at d look, pound know, if don't let the horse out of the bad breath, d really dare to do so, the moment sent to inform candidates, of course, if really put the original words in the past, candidates I'm afraid will directly turn over, nature will add some modifications, but the meaning is conveyed.

跨下新婚美妇|"Your Majesty, what shall I do?" RiLe carefully looked at the leopard, asked softly."This is a military order!" Lyu3 bu4 cold hum 1, sink a track.

"Then bring him in." Lyu3 bu4, of course, in this chaotic situation, will xinfeng governance well-organized, good ability, at the same time in xinfeng popularity will not be bad, before not sure whether this person is perfunctory or genuinely dependent, lyu3 bu4 will not be able to keep him in xinfeng."Seibel will be the main, led by ten thousand troops, starry night to huaili, martial arts, maoling line of defense, must not be wrong!"The huns obviously didn't think of it, At this time unexpectedly there will be the han army here, when lyu3 bu4 troops see the huns camp, the huns sitting in the camp just set up, the flames of uncertainty, randomly scattered in every corner of the camp, countless huns in the bonfire, celebrating today's harvest.跨下新婚美妇|




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