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joytokey3 7 9|博兴老粗布价格A group of jiangdong soldiers also like the duck was strangled neck general speechless, before called ferocious, but at the moment guan yu so generous opened YuanMen, they suddenly found no recruit.Silence on the wall, a long time later, in the public heart of despair, suddenly slowly opened the gate.

"Array of guns! Stabbing!" As the two armies began to contact, shout ShaSheng gradually intense, a pike pierced, but was blocked by the other side's rattan shield, but followed by the screaming arrow cluster after the loss of rattan shield protection, casualties began to intensify, and the front line also with the contact between the two sides, gradually elongated, two military forces began to enter into a melee.In order to avoid trouble among these Shu troops, Lu Zheng Chengdu garrison will be divided into six thirty thousand troops, each five thousand people, from the defected shu will choose a commander, Wang Shuangze is responsible for commanding wei yan left guanzhong elite, governor of the six troops, in order to avoid soldiers because of the change of general resistance, but also the maximum general power in his hands.joytokey3 7 9|Hastily unfolded the letterhead, Just looking at it, looking at it, Liu Bei's face darkened, In his letter, Zhuge Liang did not complain that Liu Bei had rushed to war with Jiang Dong, But the cutting of Shu could not go on, Pang Tong in Shu now will be the location, people and all occupied, Not in a short time, and there was not enough hay in Jingzhou for Zhuge Liang to fight for a long time, Therefore, zhuge liang let yan yan retreat to yiling, since the army along the river, will arrive in a few days, as for jiangdong, zhuge liang told liu bei, cao cao, please fight together, and must be quick, before spring break jiangdong, zhuge liang will directly with the army of shu and guan yu.

joytokey3 7 9|Li yan sighed, the gap between the two sides is not only individual combat effectiveness, and equipment, although can't see the specific details, but their military forces in the trenches is almost slaughtered this point of view, I'm afraid the opponent's armor than jingzhou soldiers fragile leather armor don't know how many levels.Chapter one hundred and seven joke scene"General, the enemy has fired rockets! I wonder if there is any fraud!" Xing Daorong came to guan yu, see jiangdong camp, a rocket soared, not without worry.

"Crossbow down!" Although it is not clear where the sudden emergence of the brute force came from, but now is not the time to consider this issue, if let these brute force rushed in directly, the damage caused is not small."Kongming, why don't you take advantage of the other party's main force before it arrives?" Zhang fei calculated to go out to fight with wei yan, when the tiger fastened shut, two people actually met, but then jingzhou army commander-in-chief is CAI, two people met, but not how to hand over, at the moment to hear is an old opponent, nature is a little itchy."General, finally to send troops!" Ique pass, after receiving luoyang pigeon book, the whole ique close the next piece of jubilation, pound immediately ordered thirty thousand western mercenaries and twenty thousand shooting sound battalion soldiers began to send troops to nanyang, leaving only a lieutenant and thousands of temporary conscription military forces guarding the city.joytokey3 7 9|





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