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齐踏网茵塑美"Husband, what is this? It smells delicious." The sable cicada curiously looked at lyu3 bu4 hands crystal clear, like glass beads, a pervasive smell escaped, two Qiao smell speech, also can't help but be attracted by lyu3 bu4 hand objects.Shield hands at the moment are mostly caught in the fire, rolling on the ground, at the moment the back row of soldiers like a naked girl, the door is wide open, in a desperate cry, with the arrows burst empty, accompanied by a section of the music of death, countless west cool soldiers as if by wheat."What?" Cao Peng-wen burst out of his couch and snapped, "Armor!"

"Do you recognize Pound when you burn to be an old king?" At this point, is a member of the general slap dance knife to kill, by the place, countless qiang have fallen to the ground.And to compare with the last time Nanyang deliberated out of the decision-making, more perfect, make up for a lot of shortcomings, can be seen, lyu3 bu4 these days in the march found many drawbacks summarized out.Giffin said, and stroked his three long locks of beard, "Montenegro White Water, at the end of the Qinling Mountains, The land here is fertile, surrounded by mountains and rivers, Easier to defend than to attack, When people live, It's unverifiable, but because of its unique geographical advantages, Many Qiang people who could not be exploited and oppressed by the imperial court moved here one after another, Over the years, The qiang people gradually grew, forming twelve white water qiang, Although less than ginseng wolf qiang, burn block qiang, zero qiang so strong, but because of its unique geographical environment, the court sent troops several times, not only failed to destroy, but also make white water qiang folk style more fierce, qiang people most admire the brave, if master can accept white water qiang, not only can master get a strong cavalry, more can master under the rule of hundreds of people. "齐踏网At this point, a captain came in and bowed down and said, "General, General Zhang Liao sent for one thousand horses."

齐踏网With lyu3 bu4 's constitution, Naturally, we can continue to do so, But these men are not as strong as he is, overnight, Slaughter twenty thousand huns, sounds like blood surging, but their bodies have reached the limit, continue to kill, I'm afraid the military forces can't fight a few battles, there is no, must think of a way to go on like this, don't say you only five thousand people, even fifty thousand people are not necessarily enough to fight, after a failure, the huns will certainly raise their guard...."No, the horses keep them riding." Lyu3 bu4 sneer at 1, he also pointed to these horses?

RiLe sink a track: "Do you know that the han Chinese master will be who?"The burly strong man shook his head and said, "My lord, although we are known as the five southern huns, but between each other, but who can not command who, but I know the other four department commander has entered the territory of wuwei, this you can rest assured."Chapter 31 interception齐踏网





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