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重庆学校zslpsh重庆天宸律师事务所Hehe ~"The Silver Fox tribe has also appeared!" Another exclamation, step root hurriedly come out, twist a head around, but see two directions, almost at the same time a wolf smoke, TaBaJi powder crazy, attack two tribes at the same time, how many military forces he has?Black cloak with horses speed up, agitated in the night breeze, five hundred moon people from riding, gradually unfolded behind lyu3 bu4, forming a less regular sector, in the night, toward the rear of the army of begging fu tribe rushed straight away.

Zhang he said, don't want to let go of the male broad sea, snatched a steed from his men's hands, with bows and arrows rushed to the gate, looked at the male broad sea behind is an arrow, this time, male broad sea failed to avoid, was shot in the vest, an arrow instantly become purple, a face, but don't say a word, continue to march forward."If the withdrawal at this time, don't let FengXian despise me, don't retreat, wait for me to break lombardi first, in a fight with FengXian this hebei province!" Cao cao valiantly laughed, but at the moment is no decline in the eyes, instead of a fighting spirit, lyu3 bu4 cholera grassland, but let cao cao heart born infinite fighting spirit."All right, send a team to occupy Mayi first!" Giffin sink a track.重庆学校zslpsh"Surrender?" Step root turned over and stepped on the horse, proudly way: "In this world, only step root of death, no step root of surrender!"

重庆学校zslpsh"Our troops are sufficient, the general can be divided into six teams, each team of five thousand people, a team guarding the city, a team on standby, others just need to rest assured, every four hours to change, don't care about the other." Falling in grant wanted to think, now their biggest advantage is more soldiers, thirty thousand troops to defend mayi the city, too much.Qui-tou looked at Ule with some irritation, This was the first time that Ule spoke so loudly to him, and he did not doubt Ule's loyalty. Ule had been with him since more than a decade ago. In the King's Court, his position was only at the base of his steps, and he was somewhat ashamed. He nodded and said, "The defense of the west is up to you. Everything will be decided after Temuzhen returns.""What do you want, sisters?" When pang tong turned around, the smug expression on his face finally stiffened on his face, looking at the gathered night owl camp woman, astringent laughed.

"I want you to help me get the title!" The woman looked up, her eyes sparkling with astonishing heat.Champion Hou, Without an actual fiefdom, But in the han dynasty, the marquis for four hundred years, only one seal, that is huo qubing, the god of war of the big fellow, weak crown year, north is the huns, named Wolf JuXu, with this merit, this is not only a knight, but a symbol of honor, as the han dynasty for four hundred years, the first merit to catch up with huo qubing, lyu3 bu4 is indeed entitled to this honor."Eldest brother, for..." Step root very don't understand to look at the head, want to say what, but has been stopped by the head.重庆学校zslpsh




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