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股票除权日财智丽"Withdraw, withdraw!" Male broad sea face a change, with lyu3 bu4 for so long, some cavalry basic taboo is very clear, so dense according to stakes, plus the limits of street fighting itself, lyu3 bu4 cavalry if really rushed in, I'm afraid even red rabbits are not necessarily able to break through the dense according to stakes."Khan, how does this make." Han Sui smell speech, in the heart of a happy, this represents that Daxi Xinjue has completely put down his guard, he began to really contact the western xianbei right core.Outside the gate, ma dai leaping horse Yang knife, constantly clamoring outside the gate, but see the gate suddenly open, a general led a huge battle.

"Great misfortune is coming! Great misfortune is coming!" Falling in to grant bitter shook his head: "master this battle, even to lose!"Voice fell, a stare, now the last breath."Poof ~" coss spit out the unknown grass roots in his mouth, took a look at the direction of the tiger fastened shut, A fierce battle, wei loss how don't know, but he brought five thousand military forces has been less than three thousand, is a heavy loss, cao cao main force at the moment of the northern expedition, also can't transfer to him too many military forces stormed tiger fastened shut, the guy named wei is not weak, with this point in his hand, want to conquer tiger fastened shut, is like crazy.股票除权日Honestly, in the head of the forecast, even if lyu3 bu4 won't want the king's court of all military power, will also have to go ten thousand, five thousand people, this is the head of the head did not think about.

股票除权日"Quickly open the city!" Chen Xing impatiently waved and snapped."You wretch!" Murong GUI said plainly: "For a woman, unexpectedly sold the interests of the five big tribes.""Master, just counted, the warehouse contains wheat 30,000 stone, dried meat 3000 jin, in addition to a lot of weapons armor. Zhou Cang excitedly found lyu3 bu4, a face of excitement said: "this time we catch a big fish, these hay, enough for our army for half a year."

Wang Yongwen speech can not help but play a chill, they are indeed worry-free, but the people of the city will face lyu3 bu4 under the trend of the tiger's anger."Zhang he, falling in grant." D left, lyu3 bu4 leaning on the back of the chair, narrowed his eyes: "Let me see, they are two people, exactly how much ability, command the armed forces, today trim a day, tomorrow morning, ready to siege!"Although still unclear, But in the dark, As they perceive, He in lyu3 bu4 strategy, twist a head to look at has been a mess of camp, two people reached a consensus at the same time, no matter why lyu3 bu4 give up this opportunity, but now it is not important, since lyu3 bu4 let them play, can only pick up the troops of kirby can first, as for the next thing, two people can also guess.股票除权日




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