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贾立平女友成老婆结婚照曝光石家庄企业黄页大全"Keep going!" With a cold drink, Lyu3 bu4 on horseback, With a backhand, he picked up Fang Tian's painting halberd, Head also don't back toward another general to kill, The general kill is rising, suddenly feel a chill forced to come, subconsciously back, but see the member of the han people suddenly don't know when has killed back, frightened in the heart, hurriedly want to turn the horse head to escape, four people were lyu3 bu4 easily fight, now the situation changes, he can't confidence and lyu3 bu4 war again."Look around the world, can pick me up three not dead, no more than ten people. Lyu3 bu4 condescending, Looking down at d, with a certain confidence in his face, Today's lyu3 bu4, Is no longer the lyu3 bu4 that has just come to this world in the past, sand practice, Dream battlefield training, Guan yu, zhang fei catalysis coupled with constantly strengthened spirit, it is no exaggeration to say that today's lyu3 bu4, has exceeded the peak of the predecessor, not only physical fitness recovery peak, martial arts is more hot, when tiger fastened shut down can and lyu3 bu4 on a few moves, now if play again, also really may not be able to live through three moves."Poof-poof-poof ~"

D kill through the siege, but where is the shadow of Korea hence? Heart can not help but great anger, turn the horse's head, look cold to cheng gongying, undisguised the murderous opportunity, if not for this person, Korea hence head at the moment I'm afraid has fallen into his hands."Didn't you say, today reward the armed forces, don't say business." Cao cao some discontented way."Strategist." War, is indeed a place to hone people, a few days, under enormous pressure, pound, has faintly had some general demeanor, see marotta under the protection of XiongKuoHai up, slightly nodded, see no one around, wry smile way: "Before this, will never think about at the end of the end of the face of Korea hence the old thief hundreds of thousands of troops, unexpectedly can survive."贾立平女友成老婆结婚照曝光"Die!" Wei yan eyes flashed a wisp of cold awn, knife potential suddenly changed before the stability, the wind blew out three knives, a knife more powerful than a knife, finally in the last knife will cao peng's sword, in the desperate roar of cao peng, hand knife fall, a knife will cao peng's head cut off.

贾立平女友成老婆结婚照曝光"Order now!" Seibel glance swept to all: "the will have any objection?""Master, now west cool endangered, heard that Korea hence has sent troops herding horse slope, we now turn into hetao, west cool war situation I'm afraid..." Han De sat beside lyu3 bu4, dry lips trembled a few times, worried asked.

"Thunder ~"What's going on! ?"May I leave?" Zhou Cang left with men, lyu3 bu4 will look at the woman.贾立平女友成老婆结婚照曝光




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