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骑士德恩|选代夫"Wait a moment, day by day, white horse two armies have not entered jizhou, waiting for meng qi and zilong to enter jizhou, xia houyuan must be an inch of chaos, then I can take the opportunity to attack, one action will be xia houyuan headquarters destroyed, then jizhou can be down!" Zhang liao looked at the jinan map in front of him and smiled."You...... "Chen GUI looks at her son and for a moment, her brain goes blank.Chen gong nodded and then looked at lu bu and said, "Lord, now that hanzhong has been taken down, the jizhou is far away from wen."

"What's the matter? Cao cao looked at the messenger.With the arrival of lv bu in luoyang, the whole world was attracted by the battle of lv bu in luoyang and jizhou. After lv bu entered luoyang, there was no movement. However, the battle of jizhou was strangely concentrated in the area of yecheng again.Although not willing to admit, but the gate, I am afraid it can not keep!骑士德恩|Chapter 13 the liaodong navy

骑士德恩|By the middle of may, the removal was settled. The six departments of rites, officials, army, labor, punishment and finance had all moved to luoyang, leaving only some necessary personnel to inform the merchants from chang 'an of these changes."I wish fewer people would die." Patting pang tong's shoulder, xu shu whispered.Even if is the sworn brother of the Lord, also can't forgive, huang zhong cold hums a way: "that three generals can dare to have a contest with me?"

"God of war? Him?" The general of eye of color saw lv bu one eye, despise of shake head way: "all flatter just, I just ask you, dare not with me one battle?""Pity, follow the wrong master!" Zhang fei sighed, zhang ba snake spear gently picked out the throat of the pro wei, the blood confused the moonlight, the lifeless body rushed out with the horse after more than ten zhang, then the disheartened slide, two disowned horses wandering beside the master's body, seems not to leave."So jingzhou is in chaos?" Cao cao smell speech, frowned up: "just choose at this time!"骑士德恩|




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