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特米品牌导航|综合布线施耐德"Master said, meet you this kind of literati, a word can't answer, tied up first say again, oh, by the way, put his mouth shut up for me!" He Yi-hei said with a smile, "You literati, one by one, are full of bad water, but you can't follow your path.""Normal." Lyu3 bu4 is not annoyed, lombardi now occupies absolute strength, even if the two lines of battle, he also has the strength to play, if lombardi like cao cao lowered his posture, lyu3 bu4 instead to worry about whether there is any conspiracy.MiaoShang even have a kind of impulse to immediately pack up and walk away, stay, I'm afraid to be zhong yao and lyu3 bu4 so scared to scare to death.

Hundreds of zhangs distance, can clearly feel the pressure brought about by the thousands of troops, lyu3 bu4 on horseback stood in front of the army, emitting a terrible chance to kill, is the face of thousands of troops also happy not afraid, this momentum, also bring endless confidence to the soldiers around.D surface sink like water, step forward, pull out the sword waist, sink a track: "again dare to say retreat, chop!"If not, that can only use butcher's knife to force them to agree! Lyu3 bu4 eyes flashed a cold kill, related to the west cool and even the whole situation in guanzhong, moon people must promise!特米品牌导航|"Tell them, let them rest assured, the general will not go to trouble their families, as long as they help us cheat open the gates, they are meritorious, their families will be rewarded. Looked at a face with unwilling to the huns, lyu3 bu4 tone slowed down, to the side of the army hou way.

特米品牌导航|"General son filial piety a little Ann don't irritable, now our enemy is hebei lombardi, now unable to expedition lyu3 bu4, lyu3 bu4 when to pacify." Freeze shook his head.Now giffin has become lyu3 bu4 around the pivotal figure, And with seibel, zhang liao, wei yan gradually out of skill, originally nanyang military forces, now basically has returned to heart, even if this time zhang embroidery jumped out of trouble, also can't affect morale, lyu3 bu4 is ready to take this opportunity to promote zhang embroidery, after all, zhang embroidery skill, if will, not than zhang liao, high surplus."Master idea is good, but impractical." Marotta shook his head.

"Let's go!" Lyu3 bu4 waved, keep these people here, is to let them see the granary was burned, let the horse superbirth not a fluke in the heart.Two weapons in the air without warning of collision, the huge anti-seismic force so that both warring sides did not feel a shock, strength, two people are equal."It was her." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, but remember the day will be wrapped in armor all over the woman, listen to the voice, should not be too bad: "What trouble?"特米品牌导航|




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