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我和空姐在一起的日子|搜啦"Kill!" Jun's marquis looked at the enemy, desperate to send out a roar, but the body in an instant, by several spears pierced, opposing with ferocious look on his face, put the pike in his hand into an enemy's body, just swallowed his last breath."Master is not curious what cao cao sent?" Marotta laughed.Chen Gong nodded approvingly, Even giffin, Can not help but silently agree with lyu3 bu4 in the heart of this idea, Originally the land of the Three Supplements was now desolate, He was more than a notch behind the other governors, And a lot of internal and external trouble, cao cao, lombardi these don't say, now the northwest has gradually become the climate of marten Korea hence, on a case-by-case basis, lyu3 bu4 now both forces or forces are inferior to others, although not necessarily think lyu3 bu4 can come up with any good ideas, but at least this attitude is worth affirming.

Although occupying the advantage of the number of people, but at the moment in the heart of Cheng Gongying is more and more cold."Protect master safety, is my duty!" Two subordinates awed.Lyu3 bu4 smiled, There was no answer, Just looking up, and swallowed the myelin wash in his hand into his mouth, This period of time, he can clearly feel the loss of strength and physical weakness, his body in the old, however, he can't old, at least not now, he needs his crown the world's force to conquer the qiang people, to open the silk road, so that the conference semifinals dare not look directly at, no moment, more than now desire time to stay on their own body.我和空姐在一起的日子|"Han is right." Lyu3 bu4 didn't directly ordered, lightly smiled and said, the war to this point, expect the huns fight at this time has been unrealistic.

我和空姐在一起的日子|When Santa saw the ground, suddenly found that the surrounding ground, I do not know when a hole the size of a bowl mouth, their horses is a foot into a hole, will miss.Looking at the huns on guard, lyu3 bu4 indifferent way: "why, with the general to use force?""Where did you come from?" Lyu3 bu4 frown way, if the family, even if there is talent, also can't let him continue to stay in xinfeng county.

"Yes." The eunuch hurriedly should be 1, greeted around the eunuchs palace surrounded by the offer emperor to the princess palace.Smart soldiers in the west cool smell speech, hurriedly flatter way: "Thank you for not killing the general.""How dare you argue?" Zhong yao sneer at a way: "Then let you die understand, before I several times to your general show goodwill, your general has been slow to fall, now suddenly to fall, clearly cheat, bearer, give me this fellow head off, hang on YuanMen!"我和空姐在一起的日子|




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