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万恶夜总会左旋杯杯瘦咖啡Chapter twenty-eight give marriageLi Kan saw morale is not high, hurriedly changed the topic: "This seibel must be with lyu3 bu4 under the most elite troops, although our side is difficult to play, but the direction of the mud Yang, general chengyi there must be much easier, perhaps has broken the mud Yang at this time!""General guan rest assured, tso since the two ladies, there has been no snub." Coppage nodded.

"Yes." Yang Xi nodded and hesitated. "I heard that Han Sui had colluded with South Xiongnu secretly. Now Han Sui is poor. If his husband pursues him, I am afraid he will lead South Xiongnu to Koubian."Rumble ~万恶夜总会"Sister ~" felt a slight chill in her chest, followed by a pair of hot hands, Joe exclaimed at the red-faced Joe.

万恶夜总会ChengGongYing thought: "lyu3 bu4 is strong, but after all, at the beginning, the foundation is not stable, although the man is valiant, but under the soldiers will be few, master can wait and see for a while, see what general andy means, if we join forces, it is quite useful, master may as well write to inquire about it.""Zhou Cang, capture this man alive!" Seibel harsh voice drink a way, there Chen Xing has rushed directly on horseback into the river, toward the other side.Chapter 27 appease?

"Blood!" Pound sank.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech eyes a fiercely, he believes, if really forced to hurry with the han sui, with the character of the person, was forced to hurry, will definitely do this kind of thing, and wuwei not far from hetao, lyu3 bu4 must consider, if Korea hence really led the huns kou side, how should he preserve the people of the west cool place?...万恶夜总会




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