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养老产业概念股虎墨沉香Chen Qun suddenly looked bright, took out a surname: "Cao Gong long heard of Wen Yuan general wisdom and bravery unparalleled, special seal Wen Yuan general for jincheng satrap!""Yes." Xun yu nodded: "before, lyu3 bu4 to general zhang liao, seibel garrison north, and stable d echoed, confrontation with Korea hence, you should also know."Miao Shang looked at Yang Ding, forced down the irritable heart comforted: "General Yang courage commendable, but … the matter is still under long-term consideration."

"The army can't move! Korea hence the old fox, afraid of waiting for us to move, as for the conference semifinals, order five thousand troops, a double, with three days of rations, with me on the march!" Lyu3 bu4 pensive way."You ~" Yang Wangqi pale, around a lot of qiang people patriarch is also face big change, didn't expect the north palace from really will come so.Brother, third brother!养老产业概念股"Well, my lords, I think we ought to have a good talk." Lyu3 bu4 straight body, smiling at the hall, just fell in the eyes of these prisoners, lyu3 bu4 smile and before killing miu shang smile is too similar.

养老产业概念股"Master, Mr. Wen He and Mr. Gong Tai asked for an interview." The warm atmosphere was broken by the coarse voice of Xiongkuohai."General, just our army now, how to break the enemy?" The lieutenant smiled bitterly.

Volume III Northwest ChinaMore than two hundred pro-Wei hurriedly want to come forward, ChengTou suddenly appeared dense figure, a cold arrow cluster with ChengTou sounded a cold hum, rain fell, two hundred QinWei has not yet arrived at the gate, was as if endless cluster of arrows shot, Ma Tie body three arrows, horses also died under the rain of arrows, was dragged out by two all over the body of the arrow QinWei desperately."Hmm?" Korea hence smell speech puzzled, twist a head to look, but see into GongYing frightened look to the distance, hurriedly follow his eyes, but see heaven and earth meet, a black line is becoming thick, gradually appear a cavalry outline, a horse word flag waving in the wind.养老产业概念股




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