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特米品牌导航|敏特药丸Copycat is not big, but hundreds of people, until the end, the scene of blood fighting in the imagination did not appear, when the head of the zhaizhu was mentioned in front of a female soldier, lv lingqi slightly proud way: "uncle zhou, how?Jia xu greeted zhang already 1, two people chose two fast horses from the mansion, ran toward chang 'an outside the city.The reason for this, or the lack of preparation, is that migrants from nanyang underestimate the cold here, which gets worse as they head northwest.

"Let's not talk about this winter, you and a group of women went to the north side of the bitter cold, whether the ability to fight, although I do not know the specific plan of lv bu, but his attack on the huns, is very admire. Pang tong voice, appearing somewhat recognition: "now the land of the hetao, the huns is weak, but such is in, the resistance, a chaos, it should be lyu3 bu4 set conference semifinals power consumption plan, let them from conquering, or rather, lyu3 bu4 to the huns, but others such as tu the, moon people, Qin Hu, zero, wolves, qiang first and not too strong, you said you spring next year he will play the huns, I think the weather is cold, it is a reason, but one of the more important, or he would before the invasion, let the huns to consume these people which the conference semifinals."Pound's got lyu3 bu4 will, together with tube hai, with five hundred horses to zero, the soldier's asset, dostie can see the importance of zero in the moment first, lyu3 bu4 nature already see, pound with Sagittarius is less, are from west cool with west cool fighters, each warrior, although equipment may not be a title of generals in ancient times than camp, but compared with other forces, also is a higher level, is the most elite lyu3 bu4 now collected to mobilize troops, also it can be seen that lyu3 bu4 to zero value first.Of course, this sima position is self-appointed, the women in the city of chang 'an to dominate, but including Chen gong and others, no one will really take it seriously.特米品牌导航|'what? Even though lv bu had been prepared for the speech, he could not help feeling unspeakable joy and unreality.

特米品牌导航|No matter who wins or loses, lu bu must take the land of the two states and order wei yan to leave the town of heluo. Only in this way can he blockade the checkpoints with a small number of troops.This day, Addis with folding back to xiangyang, light black truth be lyu3 bu4 said don't know how many times, Addis exploits JingXiang the blind area, with a bold run to xiangyang, a few days, and not nap, a group of girls had outplayed, Addis let Li Shuxiang hid with people outside the city, in order not to attract attention, in a suit men's clothing, to the town to buy some supplies.This kind of person, can be regarded as a good general, let him lead an army alone, with his character, won't give lv bu what big basket, but also don't expect him to bring much surprise to the person, as a general, he lacks a kind of insight to the overall situation, not suitable to run an army alone, but if put in the rear, defend the city, may not be worse than pound.

"Youyou ~""Let me hear who it is." Lv bu laughs a way, daughter sedate many, should not heel her Lao tze digs horn.After ma chao released an arrow, he brandished a long gun and ran back and forth in the crowd. Although the old camp was mostly a kind of residence made of felt bags, the terrain was still the terrain of street fighting.特米品牌导航|




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