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一台捷达一个兄弟|欧时力女装折扣店"Huh?" < / p > < p > the captain smell speech, watchful look at this group of women, just he in the city to see clearly, this group of women is obviously not ordinary people, how can normal women chase the galloping horse? Hearing what fu DE said at the moment, he was more wary. Liu bei and cao cao were still in the honeymoon stage, but with lv bu, they were absolutely hostile."General, what fire is this? I can't see how the crossbow was completely destroyed!" A lieutenant kicks the wheels of the crossbow and looks at pound in surprise. Though the crossbow is black, the frame of the crossbow has not been destroyed.< / p > < p > every time looking at the hall silent, not a word or support the family decision of zhang song, liu zhang is some inexplicable oppression, especially zhang song this period of time, obviously in the family over the status has improved a lot.

Although the field problem was a little unpleasant, but under the coordination of zhuge liang, these influences were gradually covered in the past, because there were not too many wars, except xiangyang world war I, liu bei almost peacefully conquered jingxiang.But now lyu3 bu4 occupied in hanzhong city, this battle can't play all difficult, although they snaked through the silk road of interests, but also do not want your interests are damaged, originally so shu dynasty one side do you want to continue cooperation with lyu3 bu4, on the other side is not willing to accept the lyu3 bu4 JunTian promotion, so after lyu3 bu4 occupied in hanzhong city, as cao cao, liu bei successively sent messengers to lobbying, milan and shu dynasty didn't hesitate too long, to the union."What did you say? ?" Gao yan took a step forward and glared at guan yu.一台捷达一个兄弟|And there is a point is right, now under the rule of lu bu's science and technology is indeed to crush vassal, especially a variety of crossbow coordinated combat methods gradually replaced the original fighting methods, each war loss is not proportional to the situation, this complacent pride naturally arises spontaneously.

一台捷达一个兄弟|Another round of broken crossbow falls, and a cao jun who controls the bed crossbow is shot. The unadjusted bed crossbow is fired directly, and a shield truck and two crossbowmen under the shield truck are shot directly through the back."There are still good generals in the army, ready to go with cao gong a view, or some preparation. Liu bei smiled and said, his army is still parked in the area of funiu mountain, not so soon to start a war, to see lu bu is secondary, he also wanted to see how cao cao's army, if this battle can defeat lu bu, then the next his biggest enemy, is cao cao.Chapter 66 the human heart

"Honking! Seibel glanced at by jun bodies, there are two thousand of his sword and shield, let out a sigh in the heart, look at the direction of the jun, the men of the manipulation of the broken crossbows power are used up and down again and casualties will aggravate, dynamic jun has lost momentum, the power of this new weapons tried again, already did not need to continue here with jun screwing.< / p > < p > cold hum a, liu zhang will still open the letter, while walking to see, the brow is gradually wrinkled up.'tell me the truth! Zhang fei looked around, a hook fu DE's neck, pulled him to the corner, whispered threats: "kongming that boy is not to give you what task?"一台捷达一个兄弟|




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