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薄煕莱镀锌锅Lyu3 bu4 nodded, indeed, at the end of the day, the first world war has not only is the battle of governors so simple, more involved in the collision between two beliefs or ideas, if give lyu3 bu4 ten years, he naturally confident to crush trend sweeping the north, unfortunately, both cao cao and yuan is still can't give lyu3 bu4 this time, must play this game.'yes! Liu biao nodded, indifferent way: "you my husband and wife's predestined relationship has done, I also don't block you, from go.""Why is that? General office, liu shi a face of vacant looking at a face of bitter son.

"Shoot him, shoot him!" < / p > < p > no war return no war, but looked at zhang fei in the city to swaggering, if there is no indication, also said he xu sheng afraid he will not, then a command, the city of ten thousand arrows firing.The unexpected is what meaning, gu shao have no mood to go to study, my mind was all mixed weapon 2 words, before the city the sentinels had seen, they are well trained, splendid, other places don't know, but just imposing manner, if put in jiangdong, that is absolutely elite level, which can such an army generals, estimates that even in the dream to laugh, but here is a mixed weapon, gu shao very defy spirit, thought henton in deliberately exaggerated.薄煕莱"It's all polite talk, brother. There's no one in the world who can do that." Zhang fei waved his hand.

薄煕莱But a more wealth, let people love dearly, some of those taxes last year appeared once, Chen Xing family formed a caravan, want to evade taxes, to being checked by the justice department, heavy fines, similar events, lyu3 bu4 believe the future will come out, and this time, the justice department for those who want to speculators, it really became a thorn in the thorn.It seems that lyu3 bu4's incitement is broken, but only to see a pair of yuan shang businesslike attitude, cao cao knew that lyu3 bu4's incitement is successful, when did this stupid tiger become so tricky?

Sima lang turned around and saw liu bei's solemn face. "Lord?" he asked."Duke xuande, general guan, general zhang." See 3 people, zhao yun smiled, a thick brotherly affection is surging to move in the heart, at the beginning when you state, 4 people leap horse raise whip together, beat hu kou, that period of time, it is the most carefree period of time in zhaoyun life likewise.But everything has two sides, there is no steppe, they still face the threat of lyu3 bu4, but lost the contact between the prairie, high-quality Ma Yuan is equal to the monopoly by lu bu directly, as long as the lyu3 bu4, cut off the output of the charger, on the battlefield of the future, at least before lyu3 bu4 unify the north, lyu3 bu4 on > > > occupies the absolute advantage.薄煕莱





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