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天珠变燃文|深圳黄页大全At this moment, a roar in the distance caused the attention of zhang fei, twist a head to look at, is to see the pretty soldiers suddenly crazy general collapsed into the woods, and wei yan is organized to start shooting those fleeing pretty soldiers.Chapter one hundred and thirteen god arrow retreatTardif weapons don't bear, pike waving up although the same majesty without a horse, but not as fierce as ji, and guan yu side, yesterday's world war I right arm off, left arm arrow wounds not healed, also can't give full play, for a while, unexpectedly fought a tie with tardif.

"I..." Zhang Fei stared, Want to speak, but this time, zhuge liang's attitude is quite resolute, seriously looked at zhang fei way: "wingde, this war is of great importance, not half a point, the pang tong, law is all wise men, each has his own strong points, and now has occupied chengdu, both troops and money, are far better than me, related to the master's business, can't let them have a chance."Tardif struggled to raise the halberd to meet, only listen to the crisp sound of the bell, crescent halberd off rather than, tardif frightened, saw Xing Daorong rushed from the side, where dare to fight again, also regardless of to pick up their weapons, turned the horse's head and ran."Here!" Seeing that Cao Cao 's mind was made up, Xun yu also no longer say much, At present, for that court and even the vassal of the world, Have been not optimistic, such as lyu3 bu4, there are three governors, there are indeed some more, more importantly, not only can't help sun quan, but also often like to drag people back, in this case, quick decision, solve jiangdong, and then integrate jiangdong JingXiang place, although can strengthen liu bei, but now is really not the time to worry about these.天珠变燃文|On the other hand, tardif was guan yu that waved two knife frightened heart and gall, fled back to the city, had been ready to face jingzhou army, who knows guan yu didn't siege, but retreat back to camp.

天珠变燃文|"Tracing the cause has gathered in danyang, wu county fifty thousand troops, master, our army is not without the force of world war I, why to the liu bei?" Tardif stepped forward and handed him his hand. "Master," he said, "please grant me permission. Tomorrow I will go to Qua to fight Guan Yu."Li yan sighed, the gap between the two sides is not only individual combat effectiveness, and equipment, although can't see the specific details, but their military forces in the trenches is almost slaughtered this point of view, I'm afraid the opponent's armor than jingzhou soldiers fragile leather armor don't know how many levels."Oh? Blocked? Cao cao didn't do it?" Luoyang, a title of generals in ancient times riding hall, is with giffin lyu3 bu4 surprised at the information sent up by the night hawk, pass the information to giffin, turned to look at the night hawk: "closely monitor the movements of both sides."

"Here!" A group of people slightly bent down, after a gift to lyu3 bu4, under the leadership of the next person to eat in the back hall.Li Yan can feel the foot of the wall seems to be shaking, and then the shield like the shield wall is now easily broken by the crossbow arrow, followed by the special arrow through the shield, the arrow on the four pieces of metal suddenly bounced off, like claws.And pang tong side, zhuge liang to fight a war of attrition with himself, pang tong is desirable, both sides under the ghosts, zhang is unprecedented fierce.天珠变燃文|





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