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一对游泳的鱼|火星时代与达内哪家好"Why should the general chagrin, today you fight guan yu, general prestige, will spread throughout the world in a few days. He Qi see tardif came back safely, but is relieved, smell speech can not help smiling explanation way."Here!" At slightly hand promised, this command, is usually conveyed by him."What hard armor!" Zhang Fei frowned, But see each other's armor is not leather armor, It's a metal armor, Not thick, but ordinary foot soldiers cut up the sword, it is difficult to kill each other in the first time, often take two or three attacks to break each other's defense, and on the battlefield, rapidly changing, a moment to fix life and death, which have so many opportunities, often after a knife failed, was cut off the head by each other's slashing sword.

Fortunately, At that time tardif also tried his best, The arrow wound is not deep, did not hurt bones and muscles, but also need to be injured for a few days, to work with people again, guan yu heard some depressed, but also helpless, now don't say there is an arrow wound, even if there is no arrow wound, his body under the force, in a short time, it is difficult to fight again, but qu acheng must be broken as soon as possible, can't give jiangdong to slow the opportunity."Gentlemen." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, smiled and said: "The noon is coming, and it is time for dinner, I have ordered a luncheon ready for everyone, let's talk about it after eating?"On the other hand, after pang tong stationed troops in deyang, the rear to method is to preside over, and he himself personally rate twenty thousand military forces and wei, where wei learned of the process of the two previous clashes, heard shu rattan shield, also can not help but ask zhang ren curiously.一对游泳的鱼|

一对游泳的鱼|But if liu bei lost, don't say defeat and not dead, even if liu bei completely lost, and sun quan is willing to join forces with cao cao against lyu3 bu4, a group of water army generals ran to land with lyu3 bu4 guanzhong elite play, is it possible?"General, our prince was the han generals with despicable means to slay in front of the formation, also took the prince's horse!" A few pretty will be sad, sand mo ke's death for five creek pretty that is a huge blow.

"Second brother!" See clearly in the hands of the head, wu jin couldn't help but cry."Why should I tell you?" Wu into cold hum a way."Hsieh-yun, open the gate!" Xie Cheng looked over the wall and shouted.一对游泳的鱼|




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