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混世小农民2|深圳手机充值卡代理"Carry out that general 's last command." Shu-hsiang lee cool way.Hear the news, lyu3 bu4 some stupefied, this is elopement?"Hum!" Qifu goyang cold hum 1, quietly with the men left, step behind the root of the arrogant laughter is very harsh, but he can't turn back, he is afraid of cannot help but fight with the king's court here, the Qifu tribe is really over.

"Monsieur is too ambitious!" D, pound got up at the same time, to lyu3 bu4 hand way: "master, please divide me a team, don't break zhang he, will be at the end of the head to see."Lyu3 bu4 stepped on the map, took a machete in his hand, lighted a point on the map: "This is our king's court, this is Jin Lianchuan, if Daxin want to call, must pass a place."As patriarch, Daesh 's new job has not been very happy lately, In order to annex the Western Regions, He sent tens of thousands of people in the Western Regions to be stationed in the cities, Step by step the western regions into their own territory, but from the beginning of this year, to a group of han Chinese, the situation began to develop in the opposite direction to Daxi Xinjue expected, a city stationed in the messengers were destroyed by the han Chinese, annexation, to date, 36 cities in the western regions, 17 cities have been annexed by the han Chinese.混世小农民2|At the same time, Murong GUI and TaBaJi powder also received the news.

混世小农民2|"Meng Qi general rest assured." Giffin sink a track: "Xianbei king court civil strife, Dahisin could never sit back and watch the five tribes enter the court, Within a day or two, the army will be out, attack the king's court, I have ordered a fast horse to the western regions, notify cioffi general xianbei main force in the western regions as soon as possible, attack jinlianchuan, jinlianchuan garrison, will be used to deal with cioffi army, at that time, jinlianchuan garrison must be empty, general d can go straight to jinlianchuan, in addition... ""Is there no compromise?" Zhaoyun frown way."Barbaric, rude, and overbearing, but there is an image of the Lord!" Pang tong gave himself a mouthful of wine, narrowing his eyes and laughing, "his character is strong, but at the beginning of the slaughter of the family, you can see, I heard that he was in xuzhou, was betrayed by the family and play, so with a hatred of the family."

The woman is not stupid, but also quite wrist, almost even oneself have been around, lyu3 bu4 looked up and looked in the direction of the king's tent, eyes flashed a sneer, hum, since dare to murder me, that not only you lost your body, even the soldiers also want to fold!"Master, do you want me to tonight, to bind this woman?" Sentence tu hey laughed, although is xianbei king's court, but in lyu3 bu4 side with a long time, a lot of guts fat.Hmm ~混世小农民2|




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