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0773交友网|淮北职业技术"The general knows me?" Liu ye was somewhat surprised. He was in an awkward position under cao cao and his fame was not great.Wei yan waved, let those follow their qiang people quickly put on these hanzhong soldiers, pang tong let people take the rope, these hanzhong soldiers tied together as prisoners.Sitting on his throne, cao cao was playing with the crossbows handed to him by xia houyuan. He was silent and said nothing. Zhong you frowned at cao cao and said, "lv bu's army's tactics are quite similar to those of the pre-qin dynasty.

Ma chao was about to come forward, the magnificent sea has taken the first step to stand up, looking at the color eyes general way: "with you, also want to challenge my Lord? Beat me first.""Oh?" Liu2 bi2 wen2 yan exultation, see to zhuge liang way: "Sir Have any clever plan?""Keep watching jingzhou, but if there is any change, please report it at any time!" "Zhou yu shen sounded.0773交友网|"Brother zi zhen is good for brother shuhuan, chang 'an inn, the general family really can not afford to live, wei jia now the family is in decline, can save a little bit is a little bit, the chang 'an academy supplies each disciple to spend a lot of money, really no food handed out to brother wei.

0773交友网|Taking up his pen, he drew three lines on the paper: "order three forces to attack in three places. If he really spreads out his forces, he will be unable to give attention to both of them."It's... "Lv bu read the war report, and finally shook his head, although know that these two people are dare to risk the kind of, the battle of hanzhong let go to him two people, lu bu just asked two people to the result, the process does not have to report to himself, but now look at the time, or some heart rate accelerated feeling.For this history is his predecessor, forcing the culprit, lyu3 bu4 first came to the biggest pressure source, lyu3 bu4 itself is not actually too much hatred, but at the moment she saw Chen GUI, a sense of pleasure and hate tangled emotions so strange at heart, that kind of mood, lyu3 bu4 surprised, did not deliberately to suppress, mood this kind of thing, in the case of irrelevant, still had better not to hold, so it is easy to suppress a psychopath, lyu3 bu4 pay great attention to vent their emotions, since appeared, and the enemy has also been caught up his eyes, since the negative emotions, And both sides no matter be in which respect, have irreconcilable contradiction, come to an end naturally.

"CAI KuaiPang yellow four former jingzhou is given priority to, with yellow house Huang Zufu son died jiangxia, has fallen, PangShiYuan in guanzhong, make pang's home to spit on them, and have not to its former glory, the two can be appropriately to woo, CAI home by means of this, the reputation will fall, but its background, in CAI will die, but not died in the hands of a master as to kuai home... "Zhuge liang smiled and shook the feather fan and said," liang has arranged, the Lord can sit and watch the result.King huai of chu once said that if the king of qin was the first to break the qin dynasty and enter xianyang, why not give him a title of king of a different surname and first break the title of king of lv bu? If we have this promise, why should we worry about the failure of all the sovereigns in the world?" Bow down and worship.The person below peaceful flourishing age, what afraid sees is that bright general star adviser only, how to see foil the countless soul of these general star adviser, be like that bright starry sky backside, endless darkness, also only in darkness, stars just can be so bright.0773交友网|




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