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巨鹿卓豪影真假美猴王游戏机"Hey law ~" people are in the way, but the legs of the horse but some can not bear the force of oppression, screaming on the ground to step a few deep holes.Zhang he and zu retreated to the huguan pass. I wonder if pang DE would be able to seize the pass before they did. But with their departure, there was only one group of high officials left in the territory of the two states.

"That bother big miss and general zhao." Looked at zhaoyun, Yang fu smiled archway.It seems that lyu3 bu4's incitement is broken, but only to see a pair of yuan shang businesslike attitude, cao cao knew that lyu3 bu4's incitement is successful, when did this stupid tiger become so tricky?"That's a shame." Lv bu shook his head regretfully: "very unfortunate tell you, this kind of miserable day, you still want to continue, but you are the first person in this army camp to teach me a good person, as a reward, you can express the most real idea loudly in this heart 100 times, now start counting."巨鹿卓豪影"Alas ~" the general saw, can only shake his head sigh, turned away.

巨鹿卓豪影'what? Yuan shang complexion greatly change, twist a head to see to a big orca severe voice way: "send my command immediately, life gao LAN general attack linshui big camp!"Sussing out seven years in September, when zhang ye were fifty thousand slave soldiers into yecheng, whole yecheng, military forces stationed by as much as $one hundred and twenty thousand, at the same time, cao cao station troops in sincerely, eighty thousand yuan is thirty thousand Yu Wuan station troops, tan with twenty thousand yuan qingzhou army stationed in the guantao formation served area, the atmosphere of a big fight with the tripartite forces gradually form of yecheng diangong trend and became strained, although has not officially began, but of the forces of the quartet scouts often happens in, big fight.Meanwhile, as the flood receded, cao cao settled down.

"No." Zuo tzu shook his head: "should have been the pattern of three parts of the world, the general is greedy Wolf life, should have fallen in xuzhou, but do not know what is the reason, not only the fate of the sky changed, more gathered to break the army, seven kill, show to kill the Wolf life.Jiang xia."Yes!巨鹿卓豪影





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